Jul 302013

It’s funny how fear goes. I’m talking about rampant, off-the-leash fear. It’s often full of contradictions.

If you have a healthy love of paradox, you can find it in fear. It comes in couplets:

  • Fear of failure, but fear of success.
  • Fear of the past, but fear of the future.
  • Fear of confrontation, but fear of not confronting.
  • Fear of people, but fear of being alone.
  • Fear of moving ahead, but fear of the status quo.
  • Fear of the unknown, but fear of the known.
  • Fear of what could happen, but fear of what could happen. (Think about this one; it’ll make sense eventually.)
  • Fear of starting, but fear of finishing.

No wonder things get messed up so easily.

# # #

Talk to me: What paradoxical couplets of fear can you claim? Post a comment below.