Dec 122012

Whatever your art is, it’s probably solitary. It’s just you and the canvas, you and the typewriter, and the rest of the world is an afterthought. Creative work is a lonely pursuit.

I’m not a big fan of writer’s groups — in my experience many are still in the “aspiring” stage — but I certainly recommend building a network of pros to bump you along.

One may encourage me. One may crack the whip over my back. One may email me just to remind me not to waste time reading my email. One may swap stories with me over coffee. All of these people keep me on task and away from the rabbit holes.


Jun 282012

Despite the fact I’m not real social about my work I finally bit the bullet and hooked up with a writing group through Good bunch of people, but my attendance usually depends on whether I’m working that day.

You’ll find all types at writer’s groups, ranging from the old pros to the wannabes. That may have been why I was so slow to take this step; I love being surrounded by old pros, but wasn’t too sure about hanging with the rookies.

But in a group setting, you take some and you give some. Got to have the flow going both ways. Learn from those who have been there, and encourage those who haven’t.


(Note to self: Consider eating my own dog food here.)