Apr 092013

Backgrounder: I’m a big goal setter. I’m also not always realistic about these goals. Life happens. Ordure occurs. My ambitious plan to write 1,500 words a day is sometimes hit or miss. Sometimes, despite my best intentions, I miss a day (or even a week) with this blog. I’m a little behind on my current ebook project. I still haven’t mastered all the chord changes to John Coltrane’s Giant Steps. Sometimes I have a bad day and forget all these goals. So what to do? Let’s explore this idea this week.

So I blew a goal yesterday. Two goals, actually. I didn’t send off some important mail like I planned, and I didn’t get my 1,500 words in.

OK. One of these goals is more time-sensitive and urgent than the other. But both are important enough that they needed to get done. It’s so easy to kick myself in the tail and tell myself what a slacker I am. I wasn’t raised to slack off, so it’s easy to take this way too seriously.

The cool thing is that there’s always today, and tomorrow. Forget where I screwed up. Maybe it’s important, but nothing’s so important that I need to carry the weight of it tomorrow. Just forget about that stuff, put it on today’s to-do list, reload and try again.

# # #