Feb 212014
It's what's inside that counts.

It’s what’s inside that counts.

So I’m getting ready to publish B.I.C Cartel. I mean the full version, and not just the wimpy ol’ part-by-part release. I mean the whole thing.

I get asked this a lot: What’s that like?

Best answer I can give is to let the characters tell it. Karen Watts is getting ready to publish her first novel “Desert Secrets” on Amazon. Her friends are there to help her, to cheer her on and to keep her from bonking out at a late stage. You can check out the dialogue and all the encouraging words here.

I sure hope the publishing process isn’t nearly that hard for me, but you can bet it will. It’s all good news, though. I’m committed to this thing (or maybe I should be committed). Provided I don’t find a handy excuse Part III and the full version of B.I.C. Cartel comes out March 3.


Sep 082013

Just like I normally do, I picked up an idea and ran with it. I’m just that way.

For about a year I kept this blog “creative&dangerous,” which covers much of the creative process and urges the reader to get off his butt and do something. But one thing that many creative types share is an undecided brain that can’t decide where it wants to be today. It’s a physiological thing, so just getting over it isn’t a real answer.

I’ve covered my share of bipolar topics here because of this strange correlation, true or not, between creativity and manic depression (or “bipolar” for the politically correct among you). But this isn’t really a bipolar blog, and I don’t care to hijack it for yet another rabbit hole.

Anyway, Mom told me about a friend of hers who deals with this mess, and wanted me to send a link to creative&dangerous.

H’mm, I thought. I have some articles scattered here and there on the topic, and one would have to do some real digging to find them. Why not put together something that has this theme and is hopefully easier to navigate?

That’s why this blog. Mom did it. She gave me the idea. Blame her. Or maybe thank her.

Check out the new blog, “Good Morning Manic Depression (Are You Going To Behave Yourself Today?) at bp.creativeanddangerous.com — it’s so new I’m still playing with the bubble wrap.

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Jun 202013

Got this story from Passive Writer, meaning it came from elsewhere. No matter; it’s a good story. Seems this writer says he’s 52, just published his first novel, and people ask him about it all the time.

Hey, aren’t you a little old for this, gramps?

I’d take that question a little personally myself, considering I have three years on him. I’m old enough for the senior’s special at Denny’s, can you believe that? (Why can’t cool places like Guitar Center or Half Moon Outfitters offer seniors’ discounts? I mean Denny’s, how lame is that?)

But I’m just getting started. Just discovering my zone, just finding out how cool I really am.

Or something.

I know I’m too old for those cute 22-year-olds at the local college. Too old (and too short) for an NBA career. Too old to understand rap, and too old to text one-handed while doing 90 on the freeway with a carload of 22-year-old girls from the college.

Funny, that’s about all I can think of.

I’m not too old to start stuff. Or finish stuff. Or too old to make you laugh, think or cry.

Not too old to get into the arena.

I’ll be there, no doubt. I’m the one with the flames painted on my walker.

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Here’s the story that started this mad bit of free association: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ThePassiveVoice/~3/0TepOtjAtTk/

Jun 172013

Ii know about the writing/editing dichotomy, but Kristen Lamb lays it out here in amusing fashion.

Write like Kirk and edit like Spock, or is it the other way around? Can’t remember …

Write FAST and Furious! Learning to Outrun “The Spock Brain” http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/write-fast-and-furious-learning-to-outrun-the-spock-brain

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May 242013

We’ve been talking about those 168 hours everybody has per week, and this came up in my morning reading. This came from the Time Management Ninja:


A couple things I do from that list:

• Doing things the night before: Not as much as I used to, but still a good one. When I worked a clock-punching job I made my lunch the night before, set up the coffee maker, and set things up for the morning. Left more time to locate my brain. I’ll still set my to-do lists, goals and editorial calendar before I go to bed.

• Using those between times: Stuck in a line? Good time to break out the index cards and start writing. I’m riding the bus more, and using transit time for more actual work. I used to keep my work on my phone so I can edit anywhere, but that’s a little rough on the SD card.

Check it out. It’s good stuff.

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Mar 152013

Rather than the usual Friday post, I’m scraping. Kinda sorta. This is a piece I ran in my companion blog, The Column, about some tragic news in the online world — especially for news junkies:

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News junkies know what this means. It’s like Jack Daniels to an alcoholic.

… I think I cried in my coffee when I heard the news. I think. I know my mind went utterly blank. What am I gonna do now?

But the news: Google Reader is shutting down!

It’s all part of search giant/Internet gadfly Google’s spring cleaning. In the past that company scrapped Google Buzz (which needed killing because it was a total cluster), Google Wave (did anybody use it?) and iGoogle (which I kinda liked). Usually they cut products hardly anybody uses. There was speculation it might kill Feedburner, but that hasn’t happened yet. But that forced me to make a few adjustments and I’m glad I did.

But Google Reader. That one hurts. According to plan, its execution date is July 1 …

Kind of timely, considering this happened right about when I ran my post here about being such an irresolute news junkie. Prescience, anyone?

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Late add: Hey, might help if I include a link to the post, right? Here it is: http://wp.me/p22l3J-mk. D’oh!



Mar 012013

I really like Seth. Count on him to ask those questions that make you go deep.

Here he asks this: Why wait for permission when you already have it?

Wish I’d thought of that.

Stand up. Speak your piece. Create something. Do dangerous stuff. Encourage someone. Leave ’em laughing, smiling or thinking.


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Jan 012013

OK. With 2012 now gone and 2013 coming right at you, of course you have a plan. Or not.

Could it be you may be entering the year without a handle on what you’re good at, on what makes you light up? Or maybe you know someone in that predicament?

For New Year’s Day, my ebook “Finding your passion: Where creativity meets danger” is free through Amazon.

Go to the link. Grab the book. Grab several and give them to your friends. Leave the wallet at home. Then if you love it, go back to the same link and write a review.

But mostly, read it. Hopefully it’ll start something.